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Christian-Based Education

Christian principles and a biblical perspective are seamlessly woven into diverse academics, fostering an environment where students gain wisdom, pursue academic excellence, and build a solid spiritual foundation.

Small Teacher-to-Student Ratio

Educators can focus on individual needs, provide tailored instruction, and identify and address the students’ learning challenges more effectively.

Curriculum Transparency

Ensure that curriculum is age-appropriate by considering their developmental stages, cognitive abilities, and emotional maturity. Lesson contents are shared on the classroom door and carefully reviewed by the Head of the School.

Safe Campus

A campus that is predominantly indoor and requires key cards to access the student area.

Reading-Intensive Environment

Primarily off-screen classroom activities promote students’ focus and attention spans, allowing them to have better comprehension and retention of material. Our method of education also encourages the students to be lifetime readers with excellent penmanship and speech skills.


Nurture the growth of individuals with strong ethics and responsibility by educating them about the positive values that should be demonstrated daily, including honesty, responsibility, and other essential qualities that contribute to being an upright and honorable citizen.

Our Academics

At Kingdom Seed Academy, we offer a comprehensive academic program for Transitional-Kindergarten through second grade students. Our curriculum is designed to provide a solid foundation for students as they continue their educational journey. We believe in nurturing each child's unique gifts and talents, and our teachers are committed to helping each student reach their full potential. Our academic program includes courses in literacy, science, writing, geography, mathematics, and physical education.


At Kingdom Seed Academy, we believe in the importance of literacy in a child's life. Our literacy program is designed to develop students' reading, writing, and communication skills. We use a variety of teaching methods to engage students and make learning fun.


Our science program at Kingdom Seed Academy is designed to spark curiosity and encourage students to explore the world around them. We believe in hands-on learning, and our students have the opportunity to conduct experiments and discover the wonders of science.


Writing is a crucial skill for success in school and beyond. At Kingdom Seed Academy, we help students develop their writing skills through a variety of activities and assignments. Our students learn to express their thoughts and ideas clearly and concisely.

Art & Music

Our Art & Music program is designed to help students learn music theory, explore different types of musical instruments, create art using variation of materials, and compose music through inspiration. We believe that this program will provide a fun and engaging way for students to explore their creativity and develop their artistic skills.


Mathematics is an essential subject for success in school and in life. At Kingdom Seed Academy, we provide a strong foundation in math through a variety of engaging activities and lessons. Our students learn to solve problems, think critically, and develop logical reasoning skills.

Physical Education

We believe that physical activity is an essential part of a child's development. Our physical education program at Kingdom Seed Academy provides students with the opportunity to develop their gross motor skills, coordination, and teamwork abilities. We teach students the importance of a healthy lifestyle and encourage them to stay active.

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