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Mommy & Me Music Playgram

Searching for a fun way to bond with your child? We've got you covered! Our new Mommy & Me Music Playgram is thoughtfully developed to provide an interactive, educational musical experience for your little one. Our original music and dances are all available to sing, dance, and practice at your fingertips to ensure your child is flourishing daily.

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Feel the Beat, Feel the Fun!

Interactive & Educational Music Classes for Babies and Toddlers

Join The Fun

Key Benefits:

  • Nurturing Love for Music: Our songs introduce a world of melodies and rhythms that encourage a lifelong love of music.

  • Emotional Growth: Music helps children express their emotions and understand their feelings better.

  • Mental Development: Exposure to music enhances cognitive skills like memory, language, and reasoning.

  • Physical Coordination: Songs with actions improve motor skills and physical coordination.

  • Bonding Time: Each class is an opportunity to deepen the bond between you and your child.


  • First Trial Lesson is FREE

  • Price: $224 for 8 sessions or $30 per session

  • Registration Opens: June 15th

  • Session: Every Wednesday

  • Availability: We are accepting 12 families. 

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