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Excellence at KSA!

Our curriculum is designed to foster the development of a broad range of skills. Focused areas include enhancing early literacy, honing logical thinking, and advancing problem-solving abilities. We also emphasize the growth of social understanding, physical coordination, and creativity, alongside nurturing positive character traits in every student.

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Academic Excellence at Kingdom Seed Academy


At Kingdom Seed Academy, we provide a robust academic program for students from Transitional Kindergarten through second grade. Our curriculum lays a strong foundation for lifelong learning and is tailored to cultivate each student's unique abilities and talents. Our dedicated educators strive to maximize each child’s potential, offering comprehensive courses in literacy, science, writing, geography, mathematics, and physical education.

Kingdom Seed and Our Young Learners

Parental Feedback

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" My Child loves her school very much and wants to go to school everyday. All the teachers and staff are friendly. The school is pretty new and very clean. My daughter learned a lot from all her teachers such as Reading, Maths, Chinese, Spanish, Music, Bible, dances, drawing and they also have PE classes like Golf, soccer. They treat my daughter like their own child. Thanks a lot Kingdom Seed and all the teachers! "

Ada L.  (Elmonte, CA.)

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